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Many of our clients begin their relationships with us at the blueprint stage of developing their home.  We work with our clients to assess how they would like to live in their new home, and plan the low voltage wiring solutions for their new home accordingly.  Once the framing is complete and the electricians are finished their wiring, our technicians will wire your home for television, internet, speakers, cameras and security systems based on your needs.  We design our systems from the wiring infrastructure up so that your user experience will be reliable, simple and easy to use.  We use only FT4 Fire Rated in wall wiring to keep you and your family safe.

We minimize the number of wire paths through your home so that the potential for damage and interference is as low as possible.

We position in ceiling speakers in line with pot lights to maintain the aesthetic of your home.  Vapor barriers are used to protect attic level speakers from moisture.

We use preconstruction brackets for in ceiling speakers to ensure that no other tradesmen accidentally move your speaker wires to a different placement.

We use recessed Arlington boxes at television locations that accommodate both low voltage and electrical wiring.  These boxes allow flat panel televisions to be mounted much closer to the wall, hiding unsightly wires from view.

We use metal wire caddies at low voltage plate locations to ensure that your wall jacks will be perfectly vertical  when your home is completed.

Wires that are run to the mechanical room are deliberately left long enough to accommodate multiple staging locations for your low voltage infrastructure.  Wires are labelled and neatly coiled for future use.