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Founder Series 40B

There is a lot to love here in such a compact package.  With almost every technology featured in the larger floorstanding models, the 40B bookshelf/standmount is the perfect way to experience the magic of Founder Series with a minimal footprint.  Available in 4 gorgeos finishes, the 40B is the ideal way to add beautiful sound and looks to any space.

$2898 / pair


Founder Series 80F

Barely taking up over 1 square foot of floorspace, the 80F is an incredibly approachable entry point into the world of high-end sound.  Containing every new Founder Series technology in our repertoire, the 80F is a stunning, premium loudspeaker that can outperform many larger and more expensive models.  The 80F allows you to experience the dynamics and scale that a tower is capable of while still being comparatively unimposing in a room.  The 80F delivers maximum performance with a minimal footprint.

$4798 / pair


Founder Series 100F

The 100F takes the design of the 80F to the next level.  We added more bass drivers, larger woofers, and a dedicated midrange to a cabinet that is only slightly larger than the 80F.  More bass, improved dynamics, and increased clarity and realism.  For those desiring an even better experience, the 100F is the perfect choice.

$6798 / pair


Founder Series 120H

Despite the high efficiency of the 120H, when we say hybrid, we don't mean it gets great gas mileage.  We mean it has an amplified bass section that does the "heavy lifting" for you.  Since our engineers designed the 120H from the ground up with its own amplification for the bass, we could perfectly tune the output as a system, giving a higher performance in a smaller package than would typically be possible.  The 120H also takes advantage of the incredible ARC Genesis room correction system that takes real0world measurements in your room to tune the bass response for your specific situation.  This is indeed next level bass performance that allows your amplifier to concentrate its energy on the critical midrange and high frequencies.  The 120 offers truly uncompromised performance in a very reasonably sized package.

$10998 / pair